Due to these unprecedented times, we are implementing these standards, effective immediately, for the safety of all of us.

The door to the salon will be locked at all times. When you arrive, please ring the doorbell and we will let you in. PLEASE- NO EARLY BIRD ARRIVALS.

Once you arrive, we will be taking your temperature with an infrared thermometer (it doesn’t touch your skin). If your temperature is above 100 degrees, we will not perform services on you. We will also be taking our temperature every day, and if our temperatures are over 100 degrees, we will not be performing services on our clients.

Please leave all personal belongings in your car. It is better to leave water bottles, coffee cups, purses, and jackets and even cell phones in your car. Bring only yourself and your type of payment.

Masks are required to enter the salon. We will not be providing them. ALL clients must wear a mask the entire time they are in the salon area. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS! (We prefer a mask that goes over your ears, because it is easier for us to perform services)

Upon arrival, you will need to wash your hands thoroughly with warm water, soap and scrub your nails with a clean nail brush that is provided.  Once your hands are washed, try not to touch your face or any surfaces. If you would like to show the stylist a photo of a hairstyle, or the nail tech a pic of nail art, text a picture prior to your service. This will also give us time to prepare for what we may need.

Unfortunately, at this time we will not be able to provide magazines, coffee or water.

We will be scheduling a longer time between clients to allow for more extensive sanitation and disinfection. Please be on time for your appointment so we have sufficient time afterward to get ready for our next client. All surfaces will need to be wiped down.

NO WALK INS WILL BE ALLOWED! Phone or text to make appointments, please do not “drop in” to make an appointment. For now, we are limited on the number of clients we can have in the building at one time.

Please come with clean hair. Hair washing will be limited when possible.

Please be aware that a price increase has been applied to some services due to the increase in costs because of the new safety standards.

Please come alone. Do not bring extra guests with you. We are trying to limit the number of people we come in contact with each day.

If you are needing product, please call the salon, and we can schedule curbside pick up.

DO NOT COME TO YOUR APPOINTMENT SICK. To reschedule your hair appointment, please call Salon Marcel at (715) 372-6000 or text/call Marcie’s cell at (715) 817-3199. To reschedule your massage contact Pam at (715) 292-2624. To reschedule your nail appointment contact Evelyn at (715) 292-3276.